Get the Most from Your Junk Car

Scrap Yard With Pile Of Crushed Cars in tenerife canary islands spain

You often see old cars rusting in some vacant lots or parked in some side streets. Their owners must have abandoned them a long time ago, not knowing what to do with them, before junk yards became a thriving business and before  junk yard operators  began using the net to  inform  car  owners that  they would buy  their totaled  cars for cash, no questions  asked, and even pick them  up wherever they are located.

If you have a totaled car or an old one that’s too costly to maintain and has become a road risk, you might as well junk it.   Junking or scrapping requires little formalities. You have to put its papers in order, return its   license plates and inform your insurance company that you are cancelling coverage.  You would not want to be receiving demands for premium payments for junk car value that you have disposed of a long time ago.

You have two disposal options. One is to sell it piecemeal.   You can remove some parts that are still in good condition and sell them to car owners looking for used car parts and sell the metal parts to a yard. Junk yards buy all kinds of metals and you can find out their price per pound in the net. This would entail pulling the car apart yourself which can be hard and time consuming work. Apart from that you have to find a buyer for the used car parts and transport the scrapped metal to the junk yard. If you have no time for that kind of work, there is another option available. You can sell your totaled car value whole to a salvage or scrap yard.

As already mentioned, the scrap yard business has kept up with the times.  There are web sites that will allow you to search for junk yard companies anywhere and get quotations from them. In matter of minutes, you’d get many quotations to choose from. Naturally you’d choose selling to a yard offering the highest price and also providing a towing service at no cost to you. Learn more about junk car at

So you totaled your car or you have a car too financially painful to maintain and a risk to yourself and everybody else on the road?  Don’t just leave it on your yard to rust. You can get a decent amount of money from it by selling it to a junk yard.


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